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Renaissance Recovery Centre

Our centre was developed to provide patient-centred, evidence-based care for people who suffer from alcohol and drugs addiction, and related disorders, including depression and anxiety.

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Renaissance Recovery Centre is a private mental health and addiction clinic in Hamilton, providing expert mental health and addiction services.

Our doctors assess, treat and make management plans for adult and teenage patients who suffer from mental health and addiction problems. Alongside medication, we use motivational techniques, supportive psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. We also operate a detoxification day centre where patients receive high-quality  care.

Family support is a key part of the path to recovery. Although the patient will always be in charge and decide the direction of the treatment, a collaborative approach between us, the patient and the family provides the best chance of success. We use Treaty of Waitangi principles in planning – with families – the best options for treatment. We respect patients’ cultural, religious and sexual differences, and their confidentiality. Every patient is important.

One of our principle aims is to destigmatise mental illness and addiction to ensure people will seek professional help.

Patients can be referred by their GP.

We are Affiliated Provider for Southern Cross Health Society

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